About us

We are a not for profit organisation whose aim is to help dogs in need across the EU. We rescue from public shelters and save street dogs, mainly from Spain or Romania due to their significant stray dog problem. Many pounds/ public shelters are overcrowded, filthy and dangerous and dogs often starve or fight. We don’t limit rescue to dogs from abroad, we also take owner surrenders from the UK, but we do try to help the dogs most in need –.those with special needs, traumatised dogs, dogs who have been in shelters for a long time, or elderly or disabled dogs

Our Team

We are a very small team of just 4 team members, but are all self-confessed crazy
dog people! Polly (aka Suzanne) founded the rescue in 2017, with Tina and Clair who had worked together previously with another rescue that was disbanded. Mel volunteered to foster for DD and we loved her so much we had to rope her in too! Tragically Clair passed away unexpectedly in July and is missed terribly. She was a huge part of the rescue and so we continue to rescue despite the massive hole she leaves in our lives, as we know she would have wanted. This was Clair’s dream as much as Dante’s, that every dog would find a home – even the ugly, naughty, troubled ones.

We all have very busy lives, we work full time as well as all having dogs (16 between us to be exact!) and families of our own. We do not get paid for the work we do, in fact we spend all of our money on rescue and fit in the rescue around work etc. Therefore we are not available 24/7 so please try to be patient with us. It is a labour of love and very often a thankless, heartbreaking task.