Our Adoption Process

Where is my dog from?

We have good relationships with a number of rescuers and pounds in both Spain and Romania. Despite these rescuers doing their absolute best, sometimes the condition of the dogs when they arrive is poor. Many dogs are fed poor quality food and arrive very skinny. It is not uncommon for them to arrive with worms or flea bites (though they are treated before they travel) All our dogs come into the country via TRACES (a legal requirement for importing pets). They are vaccinated, microchipped and have a passport. They will be neutered if over 6 months old. If they are a puppy they must be neutered when old enough by the adopter. This will be in the adoption contract.

Applying to adopt

In order to register your interest in a dog we ask you to complete an application form. This gives us some basic information about you in order to gauge what sort of dog you are hoping to adopt. We ask for a donation of £5 to be made to the rescue to arrange a homecheck – this helps us to cover administrative costs. Arranging a homecheck and managing enquiries take up a lot more time than you might realise,and when people change their minds at the last minute it is extremely frustrating, so please think long and hard before applying and ensure the decision to adopt has been agreed by the whole family before applying!


Once we have received your application we then put out a request on to homecheck groups. We use a number of independent homechecker groups. Some areas have more available homecheckers than others, so some take us a while to find cover for your check. Once we have a volunteer we will pass on your details and the homechecker will call you to arrange a day and time to visit. Please be aware the homecheckers are volunteers, they may also run their own rescues. Please be courteous and return their calls, or cancel with plenty of notice as they are giving up their spare time. If you haven’t heard about a homecheck a week after applying, please get in touch so we can chase

What does a homecheck involve?

The homechecker will come to your house. Please make sure the whole family is there,including children. They will look at your garden, security and discuss your expectations of a rescue dog. They may take photos of your home. They may also bring their own dog to see how children or resident pets react. If your dog may not be comfortable with this please say, and you can arrange to meet on neutral ground. Be honest with your homechecker. Most issues occur when you are unrealistic – it is ok to say you don’t think you can manage certain behaviours. We want adoptions to be for life and take matching a dog to your lifestyle very seriously. Also homecheckers are not affiliated with the rescue so may not be able to answer all questions. Please contact the rescue directly for more information if required.

Our policies

  • We do home to families with children, but only suitable dogs and when thechildren are gentle and respectful. It is unlikely any of our dogs would be suitable for a very boisterous home.
  • We require a minimum of 5 foot fencing for all dogs, and 6 foot for many. Gardens must be secure.
  • We do home to working families, provided the dog is suitable to be left and provisions are made. It is unlikely we will home a puppy to a family who works full time and the dog will be alone.
  • We do not home unneutered dogs to a home with other unneutered dogs

What happens next?

The homechecker will return the completed forms to us for review. Please be aware homecheckers DO NOT make the decision about whether you are suitable to adopt – we, the rescue, do. Please do not ask them for a decision as they will not be able to tell you. Once the rescue review the forms we will let you know if the homecheck was a pass. This may take a few days, but if you haven’t heard anything within 5 working days, please do contact us as occasionally things get missed.

We said yes!

Your homecheck is a pass and you are suitable to adopt from us. However, please be aware this does not automatically guarantee you are able to adopt the dog of your choice. Occasionally when a dog is very popular we will homecheck all applicants and then decide on the most suitable home for that dog. All dogs and homes have individual needs and our priority is the best match. The process is NOT first come, first served. We also may make suggestions for security prior to adopting a dog, and request a repeat homecheck. We will discuss options with you if you are not successful for the dog of your choice.

We said no

We may say no for a particular dog but make suggestions of a dog that may be more suitable. We may not have a suitable dog with us, but can recommend other rescues who do have a suitable dog. We can also share your homecheck with other rescues if they accept them (some prefer to do their own) and with your permission. There are occasions when we decide homes are just not suitable for a dog, or for a rescue dog with the needs we have. This may be disappointing for you, but our dog’s wellbeing is our priority. They had a lot of disruption in their lives already and so unless we are 100% confident we will say nor spare time. If you haven’t

It’s a match!

Your homecheck is a pass, we are happy with the match. What now? For dogs that are travelling straight from abroad it is not always possible to meet them first. This isn’t suitable for everyone, but due to the costs of bringing dogs to foster unfortunately for many dogs we aim for direct adoptions. For dogs in UK foster we encourage meeting the dog on at least one occasion, particularly if you have kids or resident pets. This can be arranged with the foster. This is best done on neutral territory if introducing two or more dogs, so plan a short walk or similar. Again, our fosters are volunteers and busy so please be courteous about visiting.

Paperwork and fees

If you are happy to proceed with adoption we will send you an adoption contract.We must have the original signed copy with ‘wet’ signature and you should take a copy for yourself. Please make sure you read thoroughly, we can’t be responsible for issues that arise from not understanding the contract. We will ask you to make payment of adoption fee, in full, prior to the dog travelling or leaving the foster. Adoption fee is £300. This barely covers our costs so has to be paid in full and cleared for the dog to travel.We will send an information leaflet with the adoption contract which contains important information about collecting your dogs which you need to read.


Our dogs travel by road in special transport vans. They are properly air conditioned and the dogs are given regular toilet breaks. It usually takes 2/3 days to arrive but can will on traffic and how busy border control is. We use a number of transport companies, all fully licenced. The transport will usually either call you or you will need to join a Facebook group/chat for the route plan and drop off times. This can be subject to change and drop offs can be late at night so please be prepared for this. It is normal to get a visit from DEFRA a few days after arrival. This is a legal requirement and they will check your dog’s passport and microchip.

Adopting with Dante_s Dream

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